Crea, protege, valoriza
tus recuerdos y el patrimonio digital

eMemory es tu hogar digital, un lugar seguro para construir y proteger los recuerdos de tu vida, de tu familia y de tu trabajo.
Enriquece recuerdos, crea memorias de valor, incluso con amigos, parientes y grupos.

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Abogamos por una Web consciente y responsable

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  • No datos caóticos
  • Provacidad y seguridad
  • Participación y propiedad difundida
  • Emociones e historias
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Sobre nosotros

Massimo Giordani - Digital Strategist, Vicepresidente AISM

“Creo que eMemory sea la plataforma de compartición que faltaba, una visión complementaria y valiente del mundo social.”

Marco Bertone - Experto en Políticas Europeas y Fondos Europeos, Consultor Argonath

“Usando eMemory he encontrado fotografías y recuerdos que estaban sepultados hace decenios. No me recordaba de haber sido tan feliz.”

Emmanuela Banfo - Reportero, Servicio de Cabo ANSA

“Estoy probando a utilizar la plataforma para resumir las experiencias de tantos familiares y componer, en un ambiente seguro y protegido, una memoria común.”

Gianluca Cosmacini - Arquitecto

“He compartido fotografías y también bocetos de trabajo con otros usuarios de eMemory. Es bonito recordar y compartir con inteligencia y discreción.”

Lorenzo Fenoglio - El fundador de La Banca della Memoria

“Estamos trabajando para utilizar eMemory como lugar de almacenamiento de nuestro contenidos que desde muchos países y hace muchos años nuestros usuarios comparten en Memoro.org.”

Mario Perini - Psicoanalista SPI y el IPA, director científico de Il Nodo Group

“No olviden la Memoteca de los sueños! Y, mientras tanto, pueden ser la mano que me ayuda a alfabetizar a educadores y maestros sobre los riesgos y las oportunidades del uso de algunos instrumentos en la Web.”

Patrizia Guerra - Investigador

“Quisiera pasar el tiempo en eMemory para refleccionar y enriquecer las memorias. Pero me falta tiempo para cargar la base de los datos originales. El servicio que brindan constituye una ayuda importante.”

Noticias y medios

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Elija el plan que sea adecuado para usted

Try eMemory for free, for as long as you want


All you need to start protecting and building your memories

  • 2 GB siempre listo en la casa de eMemory
  • Encryption of all data (We don't rummage in your memories!)
  • Emotions and stories starting from your data
  • Digital inheritance
  • Secure deletion of data
  • Useful services for your memoirs
  • No ads and no profiling of your data
  • Participation in the construction of the platform and the spread of values

Get most from eMemory thanks to a higher-level subscription:

Elephant 15/mes 149/año
  • 1500GB of total space (including 1000 in the Trunk)
  • Safe Treasure Chest of 500GB
  • Personal assistance via online chat, phone and remote
  • Physical plaque of membership in eMemory
  • Possibility to select memory projects
  • Safe physical delivery of your data, on request
  • Discount on third-party services of 15%
  • Option to become a shareholder
Mejor Vendido
Dolphin 10/mes 99/año
  • 350GB of total space (including 250 in the Trunk)
  • Safe Treasure Chest of 100GB
  • Personal assistance via online chat and phone
  • Physical plaque of membership in eMemory
  • Possibility to select memory projects
  • Safe physical delivery of your data, on request
  • Discount on third-party services of 10%
  • Option to become a shareholder
Squirrel 5/mes 49/año
  • 50GB of total space (including 40 in the Trunk)
  • Safe Treasure Chest of 10GB
  • Personal assistance via online chat
  • Physical plaque of membership in eMemory
  • Possibility to propose memory projects
  • Safe physical delivery of your data, on request
  • Discount on third-party services
  • Option to become a shareholder

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Subscriptions

Animals have memories too. Some have more, some less; it often depends on their size. Ants have a great spatial memory, but that’s about all; squirrels remember more about their own lives and the environment around them, while dolphins amaze us with their intelligence and their ability to remember people, and elephants are even better at it. We decided to use these four animals and their memory capacity as the names for various eMemory subscription plans.
If you have a special need for extra space, just tell us: we’d be happy to customise your eMemory subscription to suit your requirements.
In your house on eMemory, the Trunk is a place where you can store large amounts of unorganised data. This is usually data you don’t need to access very often, and you are happy to know is safe and there whenever you might need it. If you want to download the data, you’ll have to wait a bit, just as if you wanted to get something from the bottom of an old trunk in the attic. The advantage is that a digital Trunk is inexpensive and consumes few resources. You can then download your data from the Trunk, select and process your documents and then upload them again, reducing the amount of space you use for everyday handling of the information you want to have at your fingertips all the time, cutting waste.
In your house on eMemory, the Treasure Chest is where you put your most valuable data. The Treasure Chest is protected with even more sophisticated encryption mechanisms than the other data on the platform, and with “two-step” log-in in which a secret code is sent to your mobile phone to make sure it really is you trying to access the data. This allows you to protect your databases and sensitive data, for example.
Depending on your subscription type, you will be entitled to assistance via online chat, telephone or remote assistance with appropriate software. The assistance service is available from 9 am to 6 pm CET, Monday through Friday. You may request assistance uploading your content to eMemory, ask for suggestions about the most appropriate third-party services for you, seek answers to your questions about the web, and much more.
If you purchase any of our annual subscriptions, we will send you a rigid card plaque stating that you participate in eMemory. This demonstrates that you are participating in our initiative, and when you need it, it shows people that you have left clear, precise instructions regarding the destiny of your digital heritage.
A memory project collects together individual and collective memories of the histories of people, products, places, and more. They are often led by institutions or companies, from the top down. But with eMemory, you can promote projects from the bottom up, entitling every individual to choose and manage his or her personal memories as he or she wishes. With eMemory, depending on your subscription type, you will be able to suggest “Memory Projects” to other users and share them with them. Healthcare workers, people providing assistance to migrants, teachers and writers have all contacted us to get ideas.
Find out more about each service on the page describing it.
Many people don’t entirely feel comfortable storing their data on an online service only. This is why we offer them all the benefits of a web platform with the tranquillity of having your digital heritage right at hand. If you want a copy of your data, either annual or on request, contact us and we’ll send it to you on the most appropriate physical medium (pendrive, hard disk, SSD, etc.), for a reasonable price.
In order to remain independent, we want eMemory to be owned by lots of shareholders. eMemory’s philosophy embraces the opportunity for users to hold shares themselves, so that they feel they are truly participating in its growth, development and construction. Please contact us right away if you’re interested in this opportunity.

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