Learn how to protect your Digital Legacy

Learning how to protect your digital legacy is both possible and crucial: pictures, videos, messages and, most importantly, passwords and email accounts. Your memories and documents: your own digital heritage.

Access eLegacy services

Protecting your Digital Legacy: what does it mean?

As you learn how to manage your digital legacy, you will be able to pass on anything you wish to your chosen heirs. You will be allowed to decide who can access your files when you are no longer here. Our eMemory system for digital legacy management will keep your heritage well organized and safe. After your death, it will pass on your legacy according to your dispositions.

Organize your digital heritage

#Tags (keywords) will make it easier for you to organize your digital heritage. Finding what you are looking for will be simple both for you and for your heirs: our system lets you navigate safely through your memories and documents.

Retrieve and digitalise your social media files

Collect all contents you have posted on social networks (pictures and videos) and gather them inside your digital home. For your non-digital contents, eMemory offers you digitalisation and storage services.

Choose a destiny for every single file

With our 'locks', choosing a destiny for every single file is easy and intuitive. Each content can either be inherited by one or more 'heir-users' or become public, according to your dispositions.

Upload your last will and testament

Determine your dispositions concerning your legacy: your last will and testament, your wishes for your own memorial service, your advance healthcare directive. If you give a mandate to eMemory, we and our lawyers will commit to execute them.

Choose a destiny for your email accounts

Determine the destiny of your social network profiles, email accounts, bank accounts or e-commerce accounts. Save your passwords and give instructions on how your digital spaces are to be managed when you pass away.

Create a memorial page

Honour the memory of your close ones by creating a memorial page for them, with one or more Memotions. Everyone will be able to add personal notes, contents and documents to enrich it.