Digitalise important memories and documents

Your digital memories

Preserve your memories from the ravages of time and pass them on as you define your digital legacy. Make your old pictures, videos and letters accessible anytime from any device, and build up your digital heritage.

Old Pictures

Your grandparents in their youth. Your parents' wedding. Your first day at school. Don't leave the pictures from your past locked in a closet. Each of them can tell a story and teach us important lessons!


Pictures from an exotic holiday. Shots from a mountain hike. Materials for an old conference. With every image we turn your history to digital, to keep it safe and pass it on.


Your first steps. Your first birthday. Films of your youth, your family, your old friends. Convert your old tapes to digital and turn them into videos you can watch on any device.

Audio Tapes

An old LP. An audio tape from your childhood. Gather the sounds that were with you all along your life, convert them to digital and keep them inside your digital home.

With eMemory, digitalised data become stories, gifts and important emotions.

delivery van
Your contents will be delivered to you in the form you have chosen. We suggest you to use your eMemory digital home to enhance and share in total security all your files. With eMemory you can build a real digital heritage. Always with you and your close ones.
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